My last post  was an excerpt from BY GRACE and told of Grace Pelham’s Christmas Eve in 1898, spent at a lavish NYC ball. It is a year later and Grace is now known as Glenda Pearson, housekeeper for the unfriendly Reverend Stans and his wife in Virginia City, Montana. She is on the run for her life with her nemesis Jeremy in hot pursuit.

Christmas and New Year’s came and went quietly in the Stans’ household. The Reverend held two extra, well-attended services and the ladies of the church set pine boughs about the sanctuary. Half a dozen children performed the Christmas story and reminded Glenda of her time at Hull House. She was not asked to assist, even though her artistic talents were known from her sketching walks about town.

Church members provided for the holiday feast. Glenda ate alone in the warm kitchen while the Stans ate in their room. If they exchanged gifts, Glenda didn’t know of any, nor did she buy anything for them. Her first month would soon draw to a close and she debated about remaining with the Stans. She knew Virginia City had no other employment to offer and a move to the boarding house would eat into her cash reserves. She couldn’t face another stagecoach ride in the dead of winter. Her book-safe, Robinson Caruso, held her money but, given the uncertainty of her future, she was reluctant to spend it on room and board. She would wait to see what salary the Stans offered now that her fare was more than repaid.

The new century arrived without fanfare. Gunshots sounded at midnight as snow began to fall. The blizzard arrived before noon, putting a damper on the town’s spirits. Doors remained closed, drapes were drawn against the cold and scarcely a body, human or animal, moved through the streets. It was two days before the storm slowed and a weak sun filtered through the clouds. Slowly, the town came to life.


I will be back in January…after traveling in the Yucatan


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9 responses to “1900 A NEW CENTURY

  1. Lovely snippets from your unpub’ed novel. THis is a great way to offer a taste to readers.

    Enjoy your time in the Yucatan. Stay safe.

  2. HI Anne,
    I’m very happy that you are enjoying the snippets. I’m thrilled to be heading south and being with Shannon and Asa.


  3. Poor Glenda. . . and just when she’s eating all alone in that kitchen, and the town is coming to life, you leave her for the Yucatan.

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  5. Arletta, thanks for the use of Grace’s New Year as a “guest post” on my blog. I even had “likes” posted from England! Congrats!

  6. Jeanne…You are so right! But little did Glenda know what I’d be doing 112 years later! Thanks for chiming (stroke of 12?) in.

    I was delighted that you wanted to publish Glenda’s story and how very cool it is that folks in England liked it!


  7. Okay, Arletta. It’s time for Glenda and Hiram to hit the trail & post a new experience for us!

  8. Gotcha, Robin…Only I had troube with the new one and you get lots of versions. HULL HOUSE is after Grace/Ginny meets Hiram but long before they “hit the trail.” Hope you like it anyway.

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