HUACHUCA WOMAN sees the light of day!

In the last month wondrous things have happened as HUACHUCA WOMAN emerged from the darkness of my computer to the Kindle, onto Amazon’s paperback racks and into the hands, hearts and minds of readers.

I have graduated to the rank of published novelist and I couldn’t be happier.

Photo by Kent Sorensen

Please go to to  “LOOK INSIDE.” Hit on my name to visit my Author Page; hit the “Like” button if inclined. My new blog is up at with lead-ins to story poems, blog and bio. There’s more to construct there and I’m moving as fast as I can…to catch up to Goodreads, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

I’m on a learning curve and often feel myself slipping off, only to catch my breath and hold on again as tightly as I can. It is all about marketing, almost every writer’s least favorite part of the book industry. It has increasingly fallen on the writer’s shoulders to “get out the vote” as it were. Whether self-published or with a big press, the author carries most of the responsibility for promotion of her work unless, of course, she is a best-seller.

So, I read everything I can in the how to arena: how to build a platform, a following, a blog, a website, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization.)  Then, there are the lists: 49 things to do and sites to contact before putting the book up for free on Kindle; 12 reasons why you (who, me?) should be on Twitter, Pinterest, and all that is to come in social media; and 5-20 reasons to do readings, place your books in odd and unusual places, attend conferences, sell (or NOT) out of your car’s trunk, lead tutorials.

What have I done with those lists?  Gotten overwhelmed, listened to writer friends, attended workshops on reading in public (outstanding with Amanda McTigue), given readings, signed on with a local book distributor (thanks, Jeane Slone)…and run out of steam.

Meanwhile, a certain relative skipped over the “Love on the beach scene”—unable to forget who wrote it. I’ve given copies to my closest supporters. HUACHUCA WOMAN has found her way into charitable giveaways.Plans are firming up for a road trip to the Women Writing the West conference in Albuquerque in October that will find me coming home by way of Cochise County Arizona where the book is set and doing what?  More readings, giveaways, places to see and people to meet.



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8 responses to “HUACHUCA WOMAN sees the light of day!

  1. You’re doing it right. I admire your tenacity–years of effort and belief in yourself. I read the first iteration of Huachuca Woman five years ago and it has improved with each edit. Good for you! Hope to see in in Albuquerque.

    • I will see you at Women Writing the West conf. in Albu, Anne. Best wishes on making the Laura Short Story finalists list. I’m sure it is a humdinger! It’s true that HUACHUCA WOMAN has come a long way, baby!

  2. Barbara Toboni

    Congrats Arletta! Saw you at Amanda’s workshop. She was terriffic! Love your picture.

  3. Hi Barbara,
    Your words are always so supportive and I think Kent did a great job with my photo. The necklace is turquoise and copper, made by a sis-in-law in NM…the jewel and ore that figure in book #2 BY GRACE. I wanted to talk to you at the workshop but we were all so focussed! Amanda is the cat’s meow! (Yes, I love the 1920’s.)

  4. Congratulations, Arletta!! I look forward to reading your book. As to readings, once I got over my initial nervousness and shyness, I really enjoyed them. I tried to remember, each time, that as Jane Kirkpatrick said in one of her wonderful posts–it IS about the book! See in you Albuquerque!

    • Hi Julie,
      You and Jane are so IS about the book but I’m showcasing it and can stumble over my words at times. The workshop I mentioned was led by an awesome writer, director, actress who nailed all of us quickly and helpfully in our readings. I hope you enjoy the read and I’ll see you in Albu!

  5. Arletta, Your photo is lovely and book cover wonderful. Congratulations! And now for the fun part–the marketing and selling! You’ll do great!

  6. Hi Sandy,
    Thank you for your lovely comments and for signing on as a follower. I love having friends help me with this project!

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