1792, COLUMBUS SAILED…oh, no he didn’t.

Do you like giving presents? Is it a chore to figure out what to give? Do you wander around the mall trying to decide and then go home and order a gift off the internet? Last week, HUACHUCA WOMAN was a gift to 1792 folks who ordered it from Amazon’s Kindle Store.

I have never ever given anything to so many people. Not in my charitable donations, not among family and friends or even of myself to others in loyalty, caring or loving, or in refuge or laughter. I mean, who knows 1792 people up close and personal? I don’t, plain and simple…at least I don’t think I do. I’ve probably known this many and more in the course of my life but not so well as to give presents, right?

I don’t have names, addresses or occupations of my giftees. I just picture them, with the book in hand, on a couch, under a tree or in bed (reading the Sex-on-the-beach scene to their partner.) Some may struggle with the accents or the political positions of my characters. (They tend to be a bit iconoclastic.) Some fact checkers may find something to set me “right” about and I’ll welcome them. Some will ride the land with Josephine of an early morning and watch the sun rise in glory. Others may seek answers from John Reed, Geronimo or Elizabeth Gurley Flynn. I hope all will laugh, cry and sympathize in the course of using their gift.

By 1792, Columbus’ discovery of the new world was 300 years past. New countries were born, Native Americans died of infectious diseases, slaves were bought and sold, new crops and industries started, and fights for independence were getting underway. Columbus’ impact was carried into our present and little could he guess the outcome.

So, my 1792 versions of HUACHUCA WOMAN may be flying in cyberspace and cause a tiny hic-cup in the universe.  Hopefully, she will entertain, amuse or even annoy or anger some folks. She’ll thrive on that kind of reaction and cause others to talk about her, pass her on and even get them to post comments on Amazon, hitting the Author Page “like” as their return gift.

Meantime, I’m busy getting ready to launch BY GRACE, the second book in the HUACHUCA TRILOGY, come September. We only spend two action packed, even amazing years with Grace as she searches for her place in the world.  More to come….

Have you had a similar experience?

What’s a reasonable number of gifts to give this way?

Have you received such a gift?


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8 responses to “1792, COLUMBUS SAILED…oh, no he didn’t.

  1. What an original and fun way to talk about your book gift. A delight to read. . .both your post and your book~!

  2. Thank you, Ma’am. It was fun to play with and to write! Thank you for your confidence.

  3. I am one of your lucky recipients, Arletta, and I certainly look forward to reading the book. As a fellow author, however, I wish for your sake those copies had been paid for. Still, may the happy readers spread the word, review the book, and let others know how very good it is. I wish you every success.

  4. Hi Andi,
    As Eliza sang, “wouldn’t it be loverly?” I hope that those nearly 1800 readers will get behind BY GRACE which will be out shortly. Then, let the gates open and the bookrun begin. I’m glad you got a copy of HUACHUCA WOMAN and hope that many other writer friends also did.
    I’m looking forward to reading your book, LOVELAND soon.

  5. Nancy Howard

    I am reading Huachuca Woman .. a gift from you through Amazon. I am enraptured!! We live just 2 miles east from Stump Canyon/Huachuca Mountains. Every descriptive word and historical memory is so close to home! Gives me such an appreciation for the people who lived here before us! Thank you. Looking forward to the next book.

  6. Nancy,
    This is a stupendous review! I’m thrilled to know that Jo’s story is hitting home with someone who lives in and knows my favorite area of AZ. You’ve touched me in a wonderful way. I’m just going over the proofs of BY GRACE and she could be available as soon as the end of the week. I hope you will post this extraordinary review on Amazon. I expect to be in Cochise County roughly Oct 23/4 to the 27th.

    • Nancy

      Arletta, Will you be doing anything public in Cochise County in October…. a reading or book signing? I would love to meet you when you are here! Nancy

      • Hi Nancy,
        I can’t make out your email address or I’d write you there. I tried to connect with the Bisbee Museum and got nowhere and have not contacted anyone else. I keep intending to contact the Huachuca City and Sierra Vista Libraries and Historical Museums. The Friends of the Hua Mntns close their door at Carr House the Sunday before I get there. If you know of anyone I might contact, please email me at arletta_dawdy@yahoo.com. And thanks for the Amazon review–superb! Happy to read, meet with book clubs, whatever.

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