I am a former social worker who doesn’t want “to write what I know.” Instead, I write about strong women of the Old West whom I research deeply and whose territory I travel. I find the courage, perseverance, and strength of the characters in my work inspire me to continue on the difficult path to publication.
Originally an east coaster, I live in Northern California, an area rich in beauty and history. There are many stories yet to be written here but my fascination is with the American Southwest and the Rockies. My stories reflect the years of 1880-1920 in tales of hardship, political turmoil along the US/Mexican border and across the seas. An age that moved by wagon trains and flying machines; that saw the world shrink with the expansion of radio, newspapers and telegraph; an age of fights for female voting rights, the loss of Native Americans lands and rights, and of “strange fruit”, the hangings of Blacks.
Against this backdrop, I have posited tales of women of adventure, bravery, independence; these are women some would say are “ahead of their times” but in the long march of history there have always been such women. Look to early mythology, folk tales and epics, poetry and song. What makes us human and female has always been with us through time…just that sometimes, we are more vocal and easily recognized.
I hope you will enjoy visiting with me as I share my writing processes, how research has brought excitement and richness, and occasional excerpts of these tales rooted in the past.

8 responses to “About

  1. Arletta,
    Glad you’ve joined the blogosphere. You’ve created a clean looking page and I think you will like wordpress.
    Cynthia Becker

  2. Hi Cynthia,
    Thanks for kind words and here are a few of my own: I love your work on Chipeta, Queen of the Utes.

  3. Looks great, Arletta.
    Keep writing!

  4. Persia Woolley

    Your posts are always such a pleasure to read! Clear and concise writing full of nuanced word choices and cogent content about subjects I didn’t even know I needed to explore. Thank you for brightening my day.

  5. Dear Persia,
    And your words certainly brighten my day. Thank you for writing such lovely comments. I appreciate them and our friendship.

  6. IHi Arletta, glad to read about you so I get to know you better. Keep posting about the strong women.

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