Early February and the rains have stopped for a bit.

We race over the emerald hillsides

Watching feather clouds fan across the topaz sky.

Wildly strewn daffodils and fluttering acacia make my heart jump.

Gauzy yellow mustard stirs by the acre

Blanketing fields left fallow until spring.

Baby calf and lamb shins sink into the slurry mud in mama’s footsteps.

Skunky perfume of road kilt rodent

Disappears in gusts of ocean blown wind.

 Point Reyes Station announces itself with early morning coffee and muffins.

 I check at the bookstore for Larken’s book

And find it shining on the locals’ shelf.

 We move through cypress forests and historic farmland preserves.

 The ocean glistens in the distance and calls us

 To follow the risky trail to McClure’s Beach.

 Storm hammered nuggets of gold and silver line the long trail.

  Fool that I am I persist in the dream and hope

  For today’s peace to echo out to sea and beyond.

 We search through seashore debris to pirate our treasures.

 Baby brush and bottle nipple, soccer ball buoy,

 Tattered rope and plastic doodads float on sand.

 In the distance, splendid waves roar up on giant rocks,


and return to their mother sea.


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9 responses to “FEBRUARY SOULFEST

  1. Beautiful! You are a true poet, or the way I prefer, poetess. Definitely not like New Jersey in February. Makes me yearn for some more serene place.
    Love, Brigitte

    • Oh, Brigitte, I’ll have to write something about my New Jersey childhood. Chasing fireflies, and catching the, in the humid summer nights. Trips to the shore, the penny arcade at Atlantic City, the rowhouse on Bergen Street in Dover, etc, etc. Thank you for being here.

  2. Lovely, Arletta. I very much related to…felt…the line “Fool that I am I persist in the dream and hope, For today’s peace to echo out to sea and beyond.” Cheers. 🙂

  3. Between you and me, Mark, I wrote those words five years ago but it is a perennial wish.

  4. Lovely, hopeful poem. When you refer to Larken, what is the author’s full name? Thanks.

  5. Barbara,
    Thanks for asking about Larken Bradley and her book STORIES OF WEST MARIN. She writes obits and the occasional tale of those still among us, as in her book.

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